Later life planning

goal5Growing older is a topic that none of us likes to deal with. Although we all have in mind that it makes sense to think about some things and take preparations.

We all have wishes, dreams, but also fears about our later life.

We might want to travel more and use the time in retirement for things that are fun – but that costs money. Our house with the big garden is great for the children – but when we are older it might be too much work. And even more unpleasant topics, dealing with illness and death, planning a living will or last will and testament, make sense for us and our relatives. If you became seriously ill, would your family know what to do?

It is obvious, planning and preparing for later life has a direct influence on wellbeing in older age. So it is worth using some time for it.

At this platform we deal with nine different life domains important for later life planning. But how your planning process looks like depends to a very large degree on you and your personal situation – so let´s start, choose the domains you want to work with!

Please answer the general questions first.


An important key for stability and future planning surely relates to finance planning, and how we deal with cashflows in everyday life. In later life, income and spending change, financial provision pays off.

Emergencies and exceptional circumstances

Who can foresee everything? Unfortunately, as good as we can be, there are things which are a bit away of our control… Let´s have a look at unexpected events or problems with a significant impact on our life.

Mental and physical fitness

It is high time to focus on aspects of mental and psychical fitness. It is important to know how to improve your mental and psychical abilities; how to make our life better for ourselves and our own future.


The importance of having a home that is appropriate to each person’s circumstances becomes more apparent as we age. Where and how we live is an important factor for well-being.

Looks and appearance

Looks and appearance may not seem to be the most important domain but it affects our mental health to a very high degree. More than other domains, we need to reflect on age stereotypes and beauty standards.

Social relationships

We are all social beings and feeling socially connected is more important than ever, especially as our lives have changed, are faster paced and our environments and relationships change more frequently.


Health is one of the most important aspects for our entire life and our quality of living. With increasing biological age, the risk of health issues rises. Let´s try to influence our health now and for the future.

Leisure activities and lifestyle

How do I want to spend my free time, with whom, where… what brings me joy? Our possibilities are much greater than we think. We have influence on how our life looks like, we can shape our future.

Work and employment

Researches showed that later-life workers have higher levels of well-being than those who had retired – but still it is an individual decision. There are many options, let´s reflect on them.