Work and employment

The domain of work and employment constitutes one of the most important domains in the life of an adult. Career development usually represents stereotypes especially for the older people. The average number of the retirement is decreased in many organisations and companies and as a result, new staff is coming into the workforce in order to “replace” the old staff.   Many researchers pointed out that, there is a new perspective of older workers that is coming out the last years, the perspective of “active ageing”, second carrier, entrepreneurships etc. in order to remain in the working life.

There are several factors that discourage employers from hiring and retaining older workers. One of them is the concern around productivity or the expensiveness that they have as employees.

The European Union has since 2000 a directive banning discrimination on the basis of age in employment and occupation. Also, in 2008, the European Commission proposed another directive based on the principle of equal treatment between persons irrespective of age. This directive will ban discrimination in the areas of social protection, education and access to goods and services (European Commission).

Even if there are several directives, rules and legislations, there should be complemented by other initiatives to promote age diversity.

In the last years, digital transformation is something that changed a lot the labour market. Unfortunately, older workers may be the ones who are more exposed to the risk of skills obsolescence. This means that an older worker in order to maintain their employability requires a big effort and help in order to be navigated to the new era of the labour market.


However, researches showed that later-life workers have higher levels of well-being than those who had retired (Graham, 2014). Doing something that you like after retirement, as for example maintaining your working life, seems that helps to the health and satisfaction. It is clear that working arrangements and retirement options are based on individual choices but is crucial to find creative solutions to maintain a well-being to the labour market.

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