Emergencies and exceptional circumstances

Who can foresee everything? Unfortunately, as good as we can be, there are things which are a bit away of our control. Sometimes the dentist, another day the car, or maybe a new expenditure for the house fixing. In this sense, we must be ready for the unforeseen. How to do so? With a careful planning and some everyday tricks.

Emergencies and exceptional circumstances are events or problems which you cannot expect and which you feel will have a significant impact on your life. People tend to react differently, and then to develop different strategies around them – some people are overwhelmed, some change their views forever, or other build up resilience, finding new energies.

But can we plan for the unpredictable? And should we spend our time worrying about perhaps unpleasant things? Well, maybe about some and see what we can do about our resilience that helps us with better problem-solving and maintaining motivation.

Assess Yourself in the following sections

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