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Preparation for Later Life

Demographic ageing is a phenomenon that can be observed across Europe: A decrease in births combined with an increase in life expectancy leads to a substantial growth of the age group 65+. While, on the one hand this poses challenges for the health and care systems of EU countries, on the other hand it results in an increased responsibility of people to prepare for later life to ensure their individual well-being.

Studies show that active later life planning and self-reflection of age-related transitions can influence well-being positively. Therefore, SenQuality wants to raise awareness for the importance of planning for later life in a positive way and offer an individual, easy-accessible and flexible planning tool.

The SenQuality project was created to raise awareness among all people for the importance of later life planning

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What is well-being?


the state of being comfortable healthy  happy joyful relaxed positive

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The target groups for the SenQuality project are:

    • Middle-aged people and active seniors who are preparing for later stages of life. They get a lot of useful information in our Practical guide for later life preparation in different domains (link) and an online assessment tool that supports concrete and individual planning.
    • Adult educators, counsellors, psychologists, staff in community centers and professionals working with people in topics relevant to ageing and/or situations of change who receive information about the assessment and support methodology
    • Stakeholders in addition can get useful information about the ageing society and insights in a practical approach for later life preparation.
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