Congratulations on choosing Health! Great that you want to deal with the domain health – one of the key factors for wellbeing.

Keeping up health in middle age is an important factor in having healthy aging.  Undoubtedly, those who have a healthier lifestyle will be better able to cope with the health changes in aging.

Let’s first get some general information about Health.

Health is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being, not just the absence of disease or disability. Health is defined as a dynamic balance of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, personal, and social elements, manifested in the ability to continuously perform functions, and adapt to the environment. Health is a reflection of past and present events, the effects of heredity and environment, and human responses. Health is influenced by biological, social, cultural, technological, psychological, demographic, political and civilisational conditions, and by the health system’s response to people’s health needs.

Key health areas are physical and mental health. Let´s get some more information about both and see what we can influence:

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Let us think about your health and your lifestyle in the present and past.

Let´s have a closer look at some aspects which we can influence for our health in later life.