Leisure activities and lifestyle

Finally retired, lots of time for things that are fun. Many long for this but then boredom sets in. Our possibilities are much greater than we think. We have influence on how our life looks like, we can shape our future. What meaningful is for each of us and with what you want to spend your time, depends on you personally.

Unfortunately, we often underestimate our possibilities, we do not think about what we really want in life, what has value for us. We don’t think about what gives us pleasure and we succumb to the suggestions of others instead of looking deep inside ourselves: what is important to me? What makes me happy? What don’t I like or want? How do I want to spend my free time, with whom and where? Is there something in my everyday life that bothers me and is it worth working on changing? … And many other questions that we should ask ourselves in order to shape our future according to our individual needs.

This section is intended to help you take a look at what your daily life is like. How do you spend your free time and how do you function on a daily basis. When considering your own future it is important to think about how you want your life to look like and how you want it to function in the future.  I invite you to watch a short video, which I hope will encourage you to work on changing your life for the better.

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Let´s have a closer look at your interests and spare time activities to see what really counts for your future!

Which activities you wish to abandon, which should be continued and which should be either expanded or newly engaged – let´s go!