Preparation for Later Life

SenQuality wants to raise awareness for the importance of planning for later life in a positive way and offer an individual, easily accessible, and flexible planning tool for own measures. The project’s priority is individual preparation for life later in order to support well-being in the third and fourth age.

In the project, we understand ageing as a multidimensional process that effects life in many different ways. We therefore focus not only on financial preparation or health measures but on a total of 9 interconnected life domains: finances, emergencies and exceptional circumstances, mental and physical fitness, housing, looks and appearance, social relationships, health, leisure activities and lifestyle, and work and employment. We based this approach on the works of researchers Anna E. Kornadt and Klaus Rothermund.

Objectives of the project are to

  • raise awareness among adults and organisations for the importance of later life planning
  • motivate to start preparing for the third and fourth age
  • create a hanbook decribing the domains of preparation and good practices from EU countries
  • create a digital platform based on self-reflection for the personal later life planning
  • provide a tool to create an action plan that fits the personal goals of the planner
project objectives
project impact


  • Understanding of the need for later life preparation in different areas of life
  • Better acceptance of practical applications preparing for age-related changes
  • Motivation to take preparatory actions
  • Initiative to learn and actively reflect on the future
  • Offering a new and attractive online tool to clients
  • Understanding the European dimension of the demographic ageing and later life preparation, being able to compare situations and consider good practice examples from other countries

Target Groups

project target groups


  • middle-aged adults
  • active older adults


  • adult educators
  • counsellors
  • psychologists
  • staff in community centers
  • professionals working with people in topics relevant to ageing and/or situations of change


  • local and regional authorities in all project countries
  • NGOs and associations related with ageing and/or support of senior citizens
  • Universities
  • research centres
  • adult education provider