Mental and physical fitness

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It is high time to focus on aspects of mental and psychical fitness. It is important to know how to improve your mental and psychical abilities; how to make our life better for ourselves and our own future.

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We can all agree that keeping your mind active up to old age is a need we all have. However, on a daily basis we rarely ask ourselves what we do to improve our mind. Are you aware of the importance of exercising your mind every day? What can you do to keep your mind fit for as long as possible? What is mental fitness and how can you exercise it?

Lets define what mental and psychical fitness is. It is the functioning of our brain on a daily basis and its ability to collect, process and remember information. In order for the human brain to function properly, not only is diet important (a varied diet and providing it with the right vitamins and minerals), but so is our daily lifestyle.

Maintaining our mental fitness is something we all need to prioritize. Like our physical health, it is an ongoing job and should become part of our daily routine. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and improving mental fitness can look different from person to person.

For some people, it involves sleeping better, eating healthier foods more often, and being out in nature. For others, it means making more time for relaxation, hobbies, exercise or connecting with loved ones.

The signs of losing mental fitness can be subtle for some people and more obvious for others. Everyone has bad days, especially when we have a lot on our plate or are trying to adjust to changes in our already busy lives. If you’ve been feeling persistently depressed, irritable, anxious, or panicked for a few weeks or longer, this can be a good indicator that you need mental health improvement.

Other symptoms may include feeling disoriented, distracted, hopeless or unable to “switch off,” which can affect sleep and appetite. Some people may notice that they withdraw or avoid others or argue more with loved ones. It is important to do something when you notice these symptoms.

It is important to spend a few minutes each day exercising your mind: memorizing, retrieving from memory (e.g. language learning), reading, solving crossword puzzles, playing sports, and doing things with your left hand/leg.

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