The project is coming one full circle so let’s share exciting news!

That is ….

…For the people working at organisations dealing with European projects, it is always rewarding and fulfilling to see projects dealing with such important issues, as active ageing, and later life preparation to come to a full circle. This translates to all our efforts are finally taking a substantial form, as results, which we can then share with everybody!

February 2023 signposts the period for the project’s partners to live in this moment! As our work and tasks have been finalized, we are all ready to share the project results:

  • A practical guide for later life preparation, giving information and concrete advice for nine (9) different domains of life, from health and finances over social relationships to leisure activities and lifestyle.
  • A self-assessment e-tool aiding to the personal planning of everyone for later life.

with direct target groups, i.e., individuals in their forties+, and active seniors, indirect target groups, i.e., educators for adult learners and community centres, consultants, psychologists, associations, educational and health care institutions, and various more stakeholders.

Events in partners’ countries.

The SenQuality project’s partnership, organizes events within their national context, to raise awareness and inform thoroughly people of our contribution to the innovative task of planning for later life:

Partner Polygonal,installed in the rural areas south of Rome, in Italy, held an event on the 7th of February 2023 and will hold another one on Sunday 26th of February 2023. Project Multiplier Event 1

For further information regarding the project and its activities, please follow the project’s Website and Facebook.