Self-Assessment e-tool and Action Plan for Quality Later Life

It’s here!

Although growing older is hardly ever a pleasant issue to talk about, it is rather obvious that planning ahead or preparing for later life, contributes significantly to our overall wellbeing. In this project, as already mentioned before, we deal with nine (9) different life domains, considered by literature, as fundamental, for later life planning. These domains are utilized as an axis, upon which a self-assessment e-tool has been developed for everybody to use, as a pilar for self-reflection, assessment, preparation, and personalized action planning.

Piloting of the e-tool in partners’ countries

The SenQuality project’s partnership, following to the ambitious task of the development of this e-tool, and the opportunity for users to create a personal action plan for later life, are ready to implement the piloting phase of the e-platform, in national contexts.

As active ageing, and planning ahead for later life, is being so important, no matter how old you might be (perhaps in your thirties, forties, or much more), you can enter the e-platform of the self-assessment in English here and sign in with your email account and a password of your choice. Once that is done, you can navigate through useful information about the domain/ domains of your choice, assess yourselves and create action plans for the future. For the self-assessment and action plan in any other language, i.e.:

  • German, enter the website here.
  • Italian, enter the website here.
  • Polish, enter the website here.
  • Slovenian, enter the website here.
  • Spanish, enter the website here.
  • and Greek, enter the website here.       

Your contribution matters!

The piloting activity by the project’s partners is a significant process for the finalization of the results because end users are requested to give feedback, comments, and remarks about materials in question, their usability, user friendliness and several other aspects.

So, since you happened to stumble upon this piece of news and perhaps  you find it intriguing or plainly interesting, the next step is to enter the self-assessment e-tool and go all the way to the action plan phase. Then,  enter the following evaluation questionnaires and do share your thoughts! For:

  • English, enter here.
  • German, enter here.
  • Italian, enter here.
  • Polish, enter here.
  • Slovenian, enter here.
  • Spanish, enter here.
  • Greek, enter here.
  • Users from Cyprus, enter here.

Always bear in mind that your opinion matters!

For further information regarding the project and its activities, please follow the project’s Website and Facebook.