Sen Quality is approved

The project is approved

Sen Quality is an Erasmus+ (KA2) project dealing with the ageing society in order to make them aware of the necessity of getting prepared for later life, to motivate and support them to take concrete steps and it is approved.

The duration of the programme is 27 months and started its activities on December 2020.

Sen Quality is a large-scale project, as it involves 7 different organisations, from 7 EU countries: Germany, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Slovenia and Poland.


The aim of the project is to raise awareness for the importance of planning for later life in a positive way.

Target Groups

The main target group of the project is:

  • adults in middle age, 40 to 65 years old
  • active senior citizens

The indirect target group is:

  • adult educators
  • counsellors
  • psychologists
  • staff in community centers
  • professionals working with people in topics relevant to ageing and/or situations of change

What will be produced?

  1. Domains for later life preparation

The domains of life preparation are the 9 areas that constitute a person’s life, finances emergencies and exceptional circumstances, mental and physical fitness, housing, looks and appearance, social relationships, health, leisure activities and lifestyle and work and employment. On these areas, it will be prepared a tool in order to support well-being in later life in different important fields. This tool will include more generic European approaches on the topic but consider also specific national aspects and backgrounds and ask for good practices from the project countries

  1. Reflecting on later life – methodological framework for the assessment of later life preparation

This step is based on the current state of life thinking about the future, the fears, the hopes and the risks. For each of the nine domains a self-reflection will be stimulated with domain specific questions and scenarios that lead to increased awareness but also a concrete action plan for later life. This process leads to the creation of the digital platform.

  1. Online platform for later life planning

The information from the 9 domains of life and the self-reflection tool leads to a digital platform. This platform will give the opportunity to the people to think about the own future and take the chance to influence as many aspects as possible to support a good later life.





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