Are you ready to plan your later life?

Are you ready to plan your later life?

The Erasmus+ project SenQuality is here to raise awareness for the importance of planning for later life in a positive way.

The activities of the project have started on December 2020 and will last 27 months. The first activity of the partners, from Germany – Wisamar, Greece –, Cyprus – Comcy, Spain – Domspain, Italy- Polygonal, Slovenia-ALMA MATER EUROPAEA -European Centre, Maribor and Poland- CKU Sopot, was  present information from their countries about demographics, life expectancy, the country health profile, the legislation about retirement and the age stereotypes in every country.

In desk research each partner developed practices in 9 domains of personal life. The fields of these are finances, emergencies and exceptional circumstances, mental and physical fitness, housing, looks and appearance, social relationships, health, leisure activities and lifestyle and work and employment in their country.

The next step that the partners took was to develop a questionnaire, in which they wanted to collect personal information about:

  • age group,
  • the gender,
  • their education,
  • their job/occupation,
  • their individual later life plan,
  • the national policies of their country and
  • their needs in general.

These two steps will lead to the creation of Intellectual Output 1, which will be a pdf tool. This tool will contain information and European approaches from good practices of the partners, which will help stakeholders to plan their own individual later life plan.

You can be constantly informed about the actions of the SenQuality project through the Website of the project or on Facebook of the   project.

                                                                                                                                                 Are you ready to plan your later life?